About us

About us

About us

Why IKC by SLkids

Feel at home with SLKids

The magical power of playing. An imagination that is stimulated. Seeing the wonderful reactions of those using our play elements. This is what makes us do what we do. People the World over want to feel at home when visiting different organisations, but reality often makes it less pleasant that it could be. It often depends on the atmosphere in a location.

SLKids work with you to help develop that perfect harmonious atmosphere. It’s a blend of passion, and knowledge and finding the child in yourself.

Our power is knowing where our heart is. From having an idea, to drawing those first lines, to seeing the concept become real and adding our final touches: to a the deisgn, or to the products, or to the software.

At SLKids, alongside our partners at Instore Kids Corners, we design every play landscape ourselves, with love and close attention to every detail. Each critical component is produced in IKC’s own manufacturing facility, with a great eye for safety, using our vast knowledge & understanding of a child’s world. We make our products with passion and teamwork, using only natural products. Not to forget happiness, of course. Then we get on with testing them. And we test them and test them until they can be tested no more.

This is how we put together a fun, safe place for children to be themselves


The value of a room will only realise its’ full potential when everyone has a place in it - including children. If a child feels comfortable and satisfied, the parents are satisfied too. Only then can parents - and other people within that space - focus their attention on what is important. Your products. Your advice. Your organisation.

We pay the greatest attention to the needs of children. We develop children s corners and playground equipment with a lot of passion, focused on fun, entertainment and education. We give children a place in your organisation. Where they can retreat, relax and be themselves. Our kids corners create peace and harmony for all your visitors. Large and small.

CEO speaking

CEO speaking

Being a child, laughing, playing, self-confidence, respect, creative and language free communication, living a never ending fantasy and above all honest and unbiased. These are things that make a child so beautiful, and also the reason why children should and can remain children for as long as possible, and we do that by bringing the child out in ourselves.

That s why Instore Kids Corners creates challenging, colourful and instructive play concepts that appeal to everyone s imagination and bring people together. Our concepts are always made from a child s perspective, with unique products made from pure materials, with a lot of knowledge, passion and teamwork. Together with you, we will create the place where children can play, laugh, relax and find distractions from everyday life. But above all, one can simply be oneself. By creating a harmonious atmosphere for all your guests and employees, the circle is complete.

Everything under one roof

From a unique idea, to the first lines. From a sketch, to an imaginative 3D drawing and on to realisation. From every small detail, to all the essential parts. From a riddle, to our own software! Instore Kids Corners develops and manufactures all fundamental components internally, with an eye for craftsmanship, beauty, detail and essence. This creates sustainable children s play corners in which the child is central. You will always recognise the signature of IKC. Made by hand, but especially with passion, love and craftsmanship.

Marco Lankman
CEO Instore Kids Corners

Own Production

sustainability and safety first and foremost

We strive for beautiful play concepts that children can keep having fun for a long time within your organisation. Thanks to our ambitious designers with expert craftsmanship, our concepts have been strictly controlled to the highest international standards. Each element of our playground equipment is unique, being made from durable material, with an educational bias and contains no loose parts, making our full product range safe and durable.

Finished with eye for detail

Our products are developed from the first lines to 3D prints with a keen eye for detail. Our creative designers will work with you and your own design team, developing your children s corner together. We consult with you all the way up to completion, when we can see the satisfaction in your smile. All our play modules are created within our own factory, so we know what is happening every step of the way – and that bringing your dream to life is possible.