When IKC starts developing a new game concept, our designers and construction specialists ask themselves: what exactly do we want to achieve? Should this model set new standards in complexity? What will be the most important force: the play value, or perhaps the design value?

The designers start by modelling the first components using 3D design software. IKC attaches enormous importance to the integration of production work with modern production technology. In close cooperation with our building engineers, the play concept designers play a crucial role in determining how best to match form and function. Strong play value and simplicity, the position within our existing range, the choice of materials or colours and the surface finish. These are always found as the logical result of constructive teamwork.

In addition to the technological performance and an attractive design, other, more emotional aspects - such as the way in which the play modules feel and how children react to the prototypes - also play an important role. The feel of the print or the surface of the housing, the way a push-button is activated or the sound the button makes is not left to chance.

The designers are often inspired by old sketches and drawings. Ultimately, it is respect for the pioneers of the IKC game concept of the past that guarantees the continuity of the companies established in the Netherlands and China.