IKCstudio develops gaming software

More than 15 years of experience in the development of game concepts and game products is bundled into IKC Studio. This experience, combined with a team of creative game software developers have led to unique PlayTouch games for children. We believe that children should be allowed to stay playing as long as possible. IKC studio contributes to this belief by developing games that give the children room for their creativity: games that stimulate self-confidence, but invite social participation. Our vision, that a space only really comes into its own when everyone has a place within it, fits in seamlessly with this.

Because IKC game consoles are used in such a wide variety of locations around the world and within so many industry sectors, our software designers have developed different versions of game software to suit the environments in which they’ll be used. The software seen in an airport or hospital for example will each provide a different experience, with different educational values for the children within each location. This development continues in many more sectors in order to give the fun that fits in with this to as many children as possible.

IKC Studio will fully adapt the games and software to fit the activities and appearance of companies and organisations that choose to offer the games exclusively under their corporate identity. The software is used on IKC PlayTouch computers, but the developers can also upload this software to Google and Apple App Stores.

The IKC game computer software is developed in such a way that it is easy to embed the logo of our customers in the software, which we offer as a non chargeable service.