Mission and vision


Playing is… being yourself.

We will create harmony and balance within everyday surroundings. If a child has it’s own place within a space and is satisfied with this place, the parents - your customer - will be satisfied as well. Once all are happy, attention can be given where it’s needed most. The value, look and feel of the environment becomes your signature – your statement of intent.


Instore Kids Corners aims to show the importance of child friendliness to all organisations. To see children with their own place in every organisation by providing safe, creative, simple and high-quality products made of sustainable, natural materials. We go beyond where others stop. We will continuously improve ourselves, creating, if not following, the latest trends and innovations, listening to the needs of children and our customers, offering them the best possible solutions, be they standard or custom.


We are constantly striving to reduce our ecological footprint. We do this by focusing on our products and our processes. We design our products to use minimal materials, we ship with smaller packaging, we don’t use toxic materials, we are energy sufficient and we recycle as much as possible. Our company’s success is based on our people. We aim to set an example of good human rights and labour practices throughout our business activities. Besides giving respect to our people we are dedicated to bringing play to all children all over the world. Read more about our sustainability

Ensuring the quality and safety of our products is at the heart of our business. Our aim is to ensure that everywhere in the world our name is known for complete safety and top quality. We obtain this since we employ the highest quality people, materials, machinery and processes. Our in-house quality control systems ensures our products meet or exceed the highest safety and quality standards. This is expressed with our standard 2-year warranty.

We believe in a simplistic look and feel for all our products. We make sure kids of any age and from any background are able to play with Instore Kids Corners products without guidance or explanation. Our products have no loose parts and are made of the highest quality wood. We create an attractive look in different styles, employing specific shapes, materials and colours.

Instore Kids Corners has a worldwide presence and is constantly expanding her network. With our own production facility in China, a worldwide distributor network, and products that can be used in every known culture, we offer kids across the world a chance to play.

Educational play:
We believe in developing the abilities of kids by letting them play and being themselves. By playing with our products kids can develop themselves through sensory exploration, socializing, memorizing and thinking. By helping to develop kids all over the world, we are investing in our future.

Our products are made of the highest quality beech. Wood gives our products the high quality we believe. It gives our products a warm and friendly look and it makes the products far more durable.

We own the complete production process of our products, from design & manufacture, to delivery and installation. We provide a customised service for customers that require specific, individual designs. Our team of Dutch and Chinese designers ensure we are fully equipped to meet most requests.

We are constantly developing our products and organisation, by reducing our carbon footprint, designing new products, improving our production process, giving our products more educational play value and continually evaluating the quality. All this is done to make sure we improve the value for our customers.

Better world:
Improving the world starts with the next generation - our children. Being a child: play, laughter, confidence, creativity, verbal communication and being unprejudiced. Playing is invaluable when it comes to the development of a child.

We believe that ‘playing is being yourself’. By combining our love for and knowledge of children, we come to powerful designs that can transform any space in a child-friendly place. Each product has it’s own story.