IKC Production

The IKC manufacturing plant is located in the east of China, in Jiaxing, which is in close proximity to Shanghai, from where containers full of IKC play products are despatched to all the countries in which IKC operates. Since the founding of IKC Productions in 2007, its factory location has been at the heart of Chinese culture, which has helped shape the company s philosophy. The Jiaxing facility produces IKC’s robust game concepts that have a clear focus on play value and quality.

With a passion for quality and appearance, IKC has built up an international reputation. As one of the world s premium brands in children’s play concepts and interactive game systems, it delivers commercial play solutions that combine play technique and play value, with exquisite design.

The good name of the brand is based not least on the fact that its highly qualified employees control every step of the production process. Add to this the knowledge that these products are made with respect for the thousands of children s hands that will play with the play products. For IKC designers and production staff, this claim to the happiness of children is not only a huge challenge, but also their great passion.

The materials IKC uses for its products are always of the highest quality: a choice that stems from our desire that only carefully selected raw materials can produce a quality product which meets our expectations.

The products are made from beech wood and MDF. This makes the finished product feel warm and of good quality, because after initial preparation and painting, the play units are screen-printed - in a very traditional way - which gives them a lustrous feel & finish: perfect for the children, as their sensitive hands move over the games.

The wooden game products are painted with a water based colour paints that have been carefully tested for safety. Spraying is carried out in specially prepared spray booths where the paint particles are collected to prevent them from entering the environment.

Each component is checked, then checked again, before they are prepared for final assembly. To be sure there no flaws of any kind, the final check is a 100% check. You can be sure a product has passed our internal quality checks when you see the IKC quality mark sticker on rear of every product.

The packaging is designed in such a way that the products cannot be damaged during the logistical movements from the factory to the final destination. Three layers of corrugated board are of such a quality that the packaging can be reused by both IKC and the end user. The use of plastic is avoided wherever possible and we recycle as much as possible.