Working towards a better world through our gaming concepts is our most important mission and vision and this is the starting point for everything we do.

Our sustainability programme includes the following 4 topics: The world and the people around us, Environment, Products and Safety.

We are working to protect this earth while protecting the people who work in our production and supply chain, through robust Health & Safety policies. The standards we set for our suppliers go far beyond the local laws and regulations.

Our employees, associates and colleagues around the world who get to work on the most beautiful game concepts every day, are the key to IKC s success in the past and in the future. We know from experience that they look forward to, and enjoy working on, our game concepts and still have the time and energy to enjoy a fantastic personal life. That s why we offer our employees and interns a range of attractive benefits and opportunities, wherever they’re based. We look after our employees, offering in-house career opportunities as well as focusing on diversity, health and personal training opportunities.

Safety is central to everything we do. Safety during our production process, safety for the environment and safety for the employees and children who play with our products. All our products are certified by SGS, verifying they conform to the EN-71 standard, which means that they are durable and safe to use.

We have mapped our carbon footprint and are continually working to reduce it as much as possible. We will strive for ways to make the biggest difference in five key areas: production, use of products and raw materials, facilities, transport and recycling. In order to help reduce our footprint, we design every generation of our products with the least possible impact on the environment and as energy-efficiently as possible. We sell millions of happy moments of play to our customers, so even minor adjustments to the production chain can have a powerful impact on our ecological footprint

The beech wood used in our products is FSC-certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council), which means that it’s origins have been controlled and it is purchased in accordance with strict rules. The FSC certificate stands for the fact that the timber is legally purchased, protects the local environment and also protects the rights and welfare of the local community and workers.

We are not only protecting forests. We are protecting future generations!
Forests provide wood fibre for the paper and boxes we use in our packaging. They also clean our air, purify our water and provide shelter for the animals that live in the forest. We are therefore working hard to minimise our impact by purchasing responsible raw materials and using them as efficiently as possible. But that is still not enough. The world s forests continue to be devastated on a large scale by illegal logging, poor management and aggressive land development. That s why we are determined to protect sustainably managed forests around the world to cover all our production and packaging needs, so they are there for generations to come.