Create memorable moments together at McDonalds

Create memorable moments together at McDonalds

When you play, you are free…to be the one you want to be. When you play, you are free…to see the things you want to see. While playing you can fly through the stars, play on the barn and play like nobody is watching.

We let children be themselves and play together by creating a true experience. When they play, they enter their fantasy world and are the ones they want to be.

IKC interactive play systems are popular game concepts who are being used worldwide. Thanks to the attractively designed cabinets in which the award-winning PlayTouch computers are housed, the game computers fit in just about every environment. We‘ve previously been able to create beautiful play areas for different McDonald’s restaurants.

Children between the ages of about 2-9 years apply their imagination and skills in the non-violent, language free games, in a fun, playful way.

Our interactive play systems therefore fit in perfectly with McDonald’s digital order panels. With our unique design and sense of quality we make the most beautiful things. We also got the possibility to customize the software to your look-and-feel

Make sure that your youngest visitors and their parents or caretakers feel comfortable in your restaurant. With a play area you can deliver an optimal experience to your guests.

A play area offers a solution. Likewise, for your fast-food restaurant, the children have a place where they can enjoy playing. You are familiar with the playing spaces from McDonald’s but let us introduce you to the latest developments that make a visit to the local McDonald’s even more unforgettable.

It’s a happy talent to know how to play, we hope to see that at the McDonalds World Wide Conference 2018 will be thought about the play abilities of IKC. Want to learn more about our beautiful play solutions?

Create memorable moments together at McDonalds