From assignment to internship Dylan tells his story

From assignment to internship Dylan tells his story

When you are inside the office of IKC you have the feeling that you are entering a family. It is a young team mixed with experienced people in the field. Everyone has other interests, but at the same time the team fits together. I think this is because in our subconscious mind we think the same about the goal: creating child-friendly environments. The company is very innovative, examples are the custom made products and the new monster collection. Besides the regular employees there are a lot of students who are doing their internships at IKC. Dylan Bosman is doing his internship at the marketing department.

Who is Dylan?
I am a 20-years old commercial economics student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Besides my study I have a job as junior sales representative at a car dealer. In addition to work I love to play football, fitness and hanging out with friends. I come from Mijdrecht, but recently moved to Dronten for my internship at IKC.

How did I end up at IKC?
After two and a half years it was time to do my first real internship of 20-weeks. Before my internship I went to Shanghai for my study and to carry out an assignment for a Dutch company. The commissioning organization for that assignment was IKC, so when I started my internship at IKC I was already familiar with the company. I knew IKC is a place where I could develop a lot of personal competencies and get space to apply my personal qualities in practice. That is where IKC distinguishes itself from other companies, giving opportunities to interns to show their talents in practice and a feeling that they belong to the IKC family.

What am I doing at IKC?
My main assignment is to create a new branding concept for IKC. Besides this I get the opportunity to manage the social media and I have participation in the construction of a new CRM-system. So many challenges and opportunities to develop myself. Luckily I get all the time and space to do my internship assignment.

Do you have example?
An example that I learn a lot at IKC was at the 4th of April 2018. I got the chance to join the installation team on an assignment. They had to go to Texel to install the new monster collection. I as part of the marketing department really had no idea how the play concepts and modules are installed. This gave me another opportunity to develop myself in a different field.

Outside my comfort zone
I had to stay up early because it is a long trip to Texel with the boat and car. After the trip it turned out to be worth it, because when we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the owner of Restaurant Catharinahoeve. When we started with work we found an existing play corner with some existing play modules from IKC. This time it was the assignment for us to turn the environment into full of monsters. First we placed the monster plates on the wall. We encountered a problem because the plates didn’t fit on the wall. So we had to crop them and make them tailor-made. I was amazed by the professionalism with which this happened the measurements were really made to the millimetre so that the monster plates exactly fit on the wall. After we did this and stick the plates on the wall we could start assembling the play modules on the wall. When we finished I saw an astonishing result, a beautiful new environment for the youngest visitors of the restaurant.

The result: “Children literally said wauw!’” 
The result was also seen by the children at that time in the restaurant. Four children ran up the stairs and saw the monster play modules on the wall. They immediately started playing with it. I remind myself that one of the children running upstairs stood still in front of the new monster wall and literally said: “wauw!”. I am very happy with the result and know for sure the youngest visitors have a new addition in their play corner at Restaurant the Catharinahoeve.

From assignment to internship Dylan tells his story