IKC places new Delta 70 inch gaming experience in German Childrens Hospital

IKC places new Delta 70 inch gaming experience in German Childrens Hospital

Dinosaurs, comets, car racing: interactive games will enrich the children's hospital

Thanks to a generous donation from the Evonik Foundation, the patients of the Children's Clinic of the University Hospital in Essen can now view and play a host of fun interactive games. This is a project brought to reality through a partnership of The Evonik Foundation & the University Medical Center, Essen and delivered by IKC - Instore Kids Corners from Dronten, Holland.

Essen, 2018/11/07

The Evonik Foundation has financed a project for the Children’s Clinic at University Hospital in Essen, with a donation of € 23,200 to the Foundation for University Medicine. The waiting time in the outpatient’s clinic of the Children’s Hospital will seem so much shorter now they have some great new games to play on the ‘Delta 70’ an innovative multi-touch computer game system from Instore Kids Corners (IKC). Children can fly planes, mix their own music, feed some hungry caterpillars and much more.

"When we heard about the Delta 70 interactive computer project at the outpatient clinic in the children's hospital, we quickly agreed that we would support it. The IKC system makes it possible to playfully train the motor and cognitive skills of children while at the same time reduce apprehension of their treatment, because it provides a distraction and helps shorten the waiting time." said Heike Bergandt, Managing Director of the Evonik Foundation.

With great pleasure she presented a donation of € 23,200 to the Foundation for University Medicine. Thanks to this great gift, an IKC Delta 70-inch multi-touch display has been installed in the Children's Hospital, giving kids a choice of eight integrated games. Each game can be played alone or in pairs.  All the game are free of any kind of violence, and, since there is no language present, are universally understandable.

Prof. dr. Dr. Karl-Heinz Jockel, CEO of the University Medical Center Foundation, who accepted the donation, said: "Additional services such as interactive gaming systems, that supports patients in their hospital visits, can only be funded by donations because they go beyond basic medical care. We are all the more grateful for the use of the Evonik Foundation. "

Prof. dr. Dr. Jochen A. Werner, medical director and CEO of the Essen University Hospital is also pleased with the project: "The University Medical Foundation of Essen is becoming a ‘Smart Hospital’ with all kinds of Digitalisation. Such development should not be subjected to austerity measures, as it has a direct effect on the welfare of the patients. We want our patients to feel well and to feel well cared for "

About Evonik Foundation:

The Evonik Foundation is a business-related foundation of Evonik Industries AG in Essen. They are the shirt sponsor of Borussia Dortmund football club. The Evonik Foundation co-ordinates the social involvement of Evonik industries. As a non-profit foundation, we create and fund our own projects and we promote third party projects as part of our social involvement.

About IKC: Instore Kids Corners

As a specialist in the market commercial play solutions, IKC designs, distributes and installs imaginative playing concepts for children. With a team of young, enthusaistic specialists of more than 100 people in the Netherlands and China, IKC manages the entire process from design to realisation. High quality, safety for children and superior service are the core values of IKC.

IKC places new Delta 70 inch gaming experience in German Childrens Hospital