Childrens corner

Child-friendly play corners

By placing different play corners or play modules in various locations around your organisation, your youngest visitors will always have an opportunity to entertain themselves: either alone or alongside other children. Visitors to your organisation will appreciate when children are visibly content. By having a play corner you will give a clear signal to your visitors: your organisation pays attention to the interests of children. 

Instore Kids Corners prefers to work side by side with you to develop your play corner since it will be made in your house-style. Every system we make is very safe, being SGS certified, and is easy to clean. Request a free brochure or call us: + 31 (0)321 387 730.

Always a suitable kids corner

Instore Kids Corners has been able to add value to many organisations around the world. Kids have fun with our play modules and play systems every day, wherever you find an IKC play corner. A kid’s corner can be put in a space just 1m², so when we say ‘anywhere can have a play corner, that is just what we mean!

Perfect for your organisation

Together with you, Instore Kids Corners will make sure that your play corner perfectly suits your organisation. The play corner is built in your house-style so it will blend in perfectly with your interior design. And since we deliver plug-and-play concepts, you can be sure everything works well together. Curious? Request a free brochure or call us: + 31 (0)321 387 730.

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