Delta 70 inch

The Delta Software creates a playing experience on a large 70-inch touch screen. The software is designed so that 4 children can play and enjoy 8 educational games at the same time. Search together for the moles, accompany the caterpillar to the apple and keep the car on the track. The large screen makes the playing experience great and enjoyable. The Delta software has been developed for children from 8 to 12+.


The Delta software contains 8 games specially designed for a 70-inch touch screen. By cleverly designing the interface of the games, children are stimulated to move. From left to right and from top to bottom. Sitting still is not an option with the Delta software. In addition to the movement stimulus, the size of the screen is very suitable for children to play together. Everyone can see it well and can access it. Help the caterpillar to the exit together, challenge each other on the race track or encourage each other to get better and better in Pong.


The large screen, the attractive design furniture and the cheerful formatted software ensure a high fun factor and give every organization a modern look and feel. The screen has a very large viewing angle and is made of special safety glass that guarantees the safety of children. Curious about the possibilities for your organisation? Contact us and ask for the possibilities.


\Delta 70 inch

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