Eat a bite of sushi, play football with each other or catch the fish in the pond. Play against each other or with each other. The software is created for a 21 inch screen. And it has eight different games where children are challenged to playfully develop different skills.


  • Basketball: Each player can throw five balls. Throw the ball into the basket of the other team to score a point. As soon as no one has a ball anymore, the player with the highest score wins.
  • Bubble Game: Knal bubbles through a bell of the same color by shooting at them. Play alone or in pairs to clear the screen of bubbles.
  • Fishing: Four players compete against each other to see who can catch most of the fish within the time limit. Beware of the electric eel!
  • Football: Two teams try to get the ball into the goal of the opposing team. Place your players strategically and slide them against the ball.
  • Sushi: Players must time their movements in time to catch most of the conveyor belt's sushi.
  • Pong: Each player controls a paddle. Protect your goal and try to let the ball bounce past another player to win.
  • Treasure: In the treasure game you have to find the four golden boats. You can do this by clicking on the clouds and letting them disappear. Work together to find the boats faster!
  • Pooling: Pooling the classic game. Two teams are fighting to get every ball away. The team that first worked his color away completes and then hits the 8-ball shooting in the opposite hole wins!


The software of the TouchWall comes from the TouchTable software, it is adapted so that it can be mounted on the wall and can be played by two children! While playing the game, the child develops his or her ability to react, to find solutions and to think strategically.

Are you interested in how we use the TouchWall to create an unforgettable one for your company with a child? Feel free to contact us and ask for the possibilities.



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