Monster Playground Concept S

Let the Monsters take your smallest visitors by the hand as they play. Dive into a great adventure with the latest IKC PlayModules. Take on the challenge of working with the Monsters to transform your children s corner into an imaginative and safe playing environment. In this new concept, children can zip around the Galaxy using the Jumping Hills which are incorporated in the rubber floor.

Monster Concept ‘S’ is a pre-planned play corner that measures 3m². That’s 3m² of EPDM floor, but the concept is of course adaptable to fit your own style and colours.

Are you ready for the Monster adventure? Our advisors will be happy to tell you more about the Monster world.

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  • Height2.30 m
  • Width3.00 m
  • Depth3.00 m
\Monster Playground Concept S

Photo impression