Monster Playground Concept M

Experience the ultimate MonsterWorld inside your venue. Fly among the stars alongside our Monsters. Solve the monstrous puzzles and take on the challenges of the 90+ levels in Galaxy Explorers – the inter galactic version of our well-loved PlayTouch system.

The Monster Concept ‘M’ includes a unique Monsterthema wall mural that covers 9m². In addition, Concept ‘M’ is equipped with a matching 4m² of fall absorbing EPDM rubberised floor, in which we include a pair of Jumping Hills too.

Do you want your smallest visitors to have their own place? Our advisors will help you take a step closer.

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  • Height2.30 m
  • Width2.00 m
  • Depth2.00 m
\Monster Playground Concept M

Photo impression