Monster Playground Concept XL

Observe the magical world of the Monsters. Then jump right in! Not only did the Monsters take over the IKC PlayModule range, it looks like they have brought their entire population to earth. Race your SpaceScooter through the universe, taking time to refuel at the JumpShip every now and then.

Monster Concept ‘XL’ comes complete with a wall mural measuring 28m², along with a matching EPDM floor covering 12m². EPDM has excellent impact absorbing properties, so it doesn’t matter how fast those little Space Pilots travel, they’ll always remain safe

Your smallest visitors will imagine themselves in the Universe ruled by IKC Monsters, where they can safely stimulate their creativity. Take good care of your future customers and give them their own place within your organisation. Our advisors are always on hand to assist you designing your unique, Monster Play Space.

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  • Height2.30 m
  • Width4.00 m
  • Depth3.00 m
  • Article numberMCXL
\Monster Playground Concept XL

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