Child Friendly Hospital

Play equipment in hospitals.

Hospitals can be a daunting place for children. A small area with just a couple of pieces of bright, colourful play equipment can make all the difference to bored, apprehensive children.

All our equipment is designed with the specific needs of the healthcare sector in mind. They are safe (TÜV certified), secure, well built, hygienic and easy to clean. Request the free brochure or call us to start your journey to a child friendly environment: +44 (0)113 232 1700.


A good children’s play solution provides a space where kids feel free to play like kids, to explore and enjoy themselves without needing to act like a grown up.

By setting aside a small space exclusively for children to have fun, you introduce a really welcome distraction, especially for children attending as patients. Our easy to install play solutions can  make a difference to a child’s experience when visiting your healthcare location, giving them respite from what can otherwise be an overwhelming occasion

For a quick start concept, consider a small selection of play panels, some attractive background artwork and some simply seating, all available from SLKids. Alternatively, call us today to discuss your project and we can help you create the perfect solution:

Contact+31 (0) 321 387 730

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