Children's corner hotel

Play corners for your hotels

Your guests come to your hotel to relax. They enjoy their hard earned rest and are well taken care of by your employees. However, kids can get bored in a hotel. And all peace is gone. Provide a place where children can play at their hearts desire and install a play corner in your hotel.

The kids corners are made in your house-style. The play corners are very safeTÜV certified and can be cleaned easily. Request the free brochure or call us: +44 (0)113 232 1700

Complete relaxation with a kids corner

While parents are checking in or out, or are having a drink at the hotel bar, the kids are having fun with a unique play system from Instore Kids Corners. A play tower, a wall system or a gaming computer; the possibilities for your hotel are endless. In the eyes your employees and the parents, the interests of the child are made important, this create a child-friendly environment in your hotel.

Kids corner for your hotel

Instore Kids Corners designs the kids corner completely in the style of your hotel. Together we decide what the ideal look and functionality is. In this way the play corner will fit in with the rest of the hotel. Request a free brochure of call us: +44 (0)113 232 1700

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