Kids corner airport

A kids corner in the airport

Long waiting times, delays and travel fatigue. We’ve all experienced them. You can make the time spent before & between flights far more pleasant – even for the youngest traveller – by providing play facilities in different areas of the terminal.

With our kids corners you will make your airport child-friendly. In this way children will have a positive association to the airport. The play corners are very safeTÜV certified and can be cleaned easily. Request the free brochure or call us: +44 (0)113 232 1700.

Entertain the youngest travellers

Waiting in an airport is inevitable. More frequently now we’re advised to get to the airport early. It’s fine for adults: they can entertain themselves with tax free shopping – or at the bar – but it’s far less fun for our children! Unless that is the airport has decided to cater for young flyers with the provision of play facilities in which kids can entertain themselves.

The perfect play corner for the airport

Together with you we’ll create the perfect play solution: one dedicated to your airport, in your colours, following your brand and your themes. We’ll show you what the final play area will look like in advance, when we present you with a 3D design. Call us now for your free brochure.

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