CEO speaking

CEO speaking

Being a child, laughing, playing, self-confidence, respect, creative and language free communication, living a never ending fantasy and above all honest and unbiased. These are things that make a child so beautiful, and also the reason why children should and can remain children for as long as possible, and we do that by bringing the child out in ourselves.

That s why Instore Kids Corners creates challenging, colourful and instructive play concepts that appeal to everyone s imagination and bring people together. Our concepts are always made from a child s perspective, with unique products made from pure materials, with a lot of knowledge, passion and teamwork. Together with you, we will create the place where children can play, laugh, relax and find distractions from everyday life. But above all, one can simply be oneself. By creating a harmonious atmosphere for all your guests and employees, the circle is complete.

Everything under one roof

From a unique idea, to the first lines. From a sketch, to an imaginative 3D drawing and on to realisation. From every small detail, to all the essential parts. From a riddle, to our own software! Instore Kids Corners develops and manufactures all fundamental components internally, with an eye for craftsmanship, beauty, detail and essence. This creates sustainable children s play corners in which the child is central. You will always recognise the signature of IKC. Made by hand, but especially with passion, love and craftsmanship.

Marco Lankman
CEO Instore Kids Corners

Own Production